More of Revivalist Nate Zoller’s Wedge charge during the past South swell that graced California. Below is posted on The Inertia.

The remarkable south swell produced by Cyclone Pam reached Santa Barbara and Ventura County Saturday and Sunday with chest-high to overhead sets. I was able to capture some good shots of local kids like Josiah Amico, and Surf Happens ambassador, Chris Keets. However, upon returning home, I could not stop thinking about Newport last year during Hurricane Marie. I had to get back there.

On Monday morning, I greased my photography gear, waxed my boards and left at 4 a.m. I set up my gear just in time to see Sage Burke dropping into a beast. The 13-year-old left the entire beach crowd stunned. In my opinion, he was the highlight of the day, as he charged only the larger sets. Nate Zoller and the Aussie, Dion Agius, were also pushing the limits out there. Zoller pulled into some heavy ones, ignoring the super shallow waters. Agius, on the other hand, was blasting huge airs. It was mental. The bodyboarders, too, were going mad. Summarizing the weekend, I’m so stoked I had the opportunity to watch and capture all of these guys pushing the limits and doing what I love.

– Photographer Marcio Viana