Roark Womens One Year Anniversary Giveaway

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Life seldom slows down long enough for us to look up and see just how far we’ve come. Yet here we are. One dazzling, thrilling, action-packed year later. And we have so much to be thankful for as we stop and take in all that’s around us while reflecting back at the first year at Roark Womens. 


We camped in torrential downpours, we hiked under the full moon and slept under the stars, we hollered Dolly Parton lyrics cheersing single-barrel whiskey, we spent more hours on planes than we did in our own homes. And looking back we are so proud of it all. It was messy, chaotic, dirty, sleepless, brilliant, and magnificent all at once. There were bumps in the road that threatened to deter us but never did because screw that.


So in honor of this momentous year, we want to give back to all of you who have shown us what it truly means to live like a Roark Woman. Over the course of five days, every single one of you will get the opportunity to win some amazing pieces that we are so proud of this year. Here’s how it’s going to shake out: For more information on the prizes, visit our Instagram page. 


To join in the celebration on social media: 

• Follow Roark Women’s and any specified partners in the posts on Instagram

• Comment where in the world these pieces would take you directly on the post

• Share on your story and with your adventure gals

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