Introducing "Tiger Lotus" By Jamie Thomas



Inspired by symbols of strength and purity, the Tiger Lotus Collection features an all new woven, boardshort, short and hat brought to life by Jamie Thomas and Roark.


Button-Up Shirt


19" Elastic Waist Short

Built to be the best all-around comfort short whether skating or lounging. Constructed with a lightweight cotton stretch fabric, finished with a heavy artifact wash.


17.5" Boardshort & Strapback Hat



Jamie Thomas and Oceanside's, Chris Troy, guide us through the city streets of Hong Kong.

Before completely disconnecting in the East China Sea, our Revivalists set out to experience the streets of Hong Kong. Some waging their bets at the majhong gambling den, others diving into local street markets, but Jamie Thomas and Chris Troy set out to navigate the local skate scene.

We run into Jamie and Chris, who have seemed to make themselves at home in this town. They'd assembled a steel construction sign and two road barriers into a waist-high kicker beneath an iconic neon sign and began doing massive kick flips in the middle of the street, right under the city's nose at Temple Street Night Market.

A curious crowd is gathering and it's always special how skateboarding can make people stop where they're headed to, and watch, and be fascinated. Before we know it, they're filming this impromptu event on iPhones, probably Facebook Live, as this is Hong Kong, and nothing does not happen immediately. But a few cops on foot intervene 20 minutes in and tell the boys to break down the ramp. To, respectfully, beat it. So they do, and we scurry off to scour the city for another mahjong den, foot masseuse, and an intersection with buildable kickers.