Introducing: Short Sleeve Pants

Roark's Newest Innovation is Here

A pair of short sleeve pants
Photo: Dylan Gordon​​

Just like pants, only shorter

We noticed that around the same time each year, the weather got warmer. Our team scoured the internet to understand the reasons why this pattern continues to happen. Through countless hours of research and consulting various reliable world-renowned scientists, the answer seemed to be consistent: Summer. 

The closer we got to the summer season, the warmer the temperatures. 

It was a groundbreaking discovery.

These warmer temperatures made pants increasingly more uncomfortable so naturally, we needed a solution to avoid overheating. 

The design team came back to us with the idea: "Pants, but shorter." 

This stroke of genius led to our latest apparel breath-through, we call: Shorts. 

These shorts are like pants, only shorter. The material does not go past your knees so they allow for more breathability and extra mobility. 

Take a peek at some of the newest shorts in our collection.

Rio in the Explorer Long Road Short
Photo: Drew Smith​​

We've Got Options

We have a few different offerings when it comes to shorts. Learn a little bit more about the nuances between them.

One thing all shorts share are various lengths. 

Here's a quick guide so you can choose the best length for your needs. 

17" Outseam: 

Our shortest offering. These shorts sit well above the knee to let the thighs breath a little.

18" Outseam: 

The middle of the road. If you're looking for a pair that sit slightly above the knee, with more thigh coverage than the 17" 

19" Outseam: 

Not too long, not too short either. The 19" length sits right above the kneecap 

Rio Lakeshore and Jeff Johnson pulling a sailboat rigging
Photo: Dylan Gordon​​

The Walkshort

These shorts were built for everyday adventures near and far. 

Walkshorts come in various lengths and materials depending on what you're comfortable with.

We suggest to first ask yourself what length you're looking for, then you can figure out what features and materials are appropriate for you. 

Check out some of our 17", 18" & 19" styles below.

Jeff Johnson in the Campover Corduroy Short, 17"
Jeff Johnson in the Campover Corduroy Short, 17"​​

The Boardshort

These shorts are built for the water. Whether you're surfing a far flung reef break in Indo, or at your favorite poolside bar - these boardies are built to perform. Here's a quick overview of our boardshort styles:

Passage Series: Built for performance surfing. The Passage series avoids unnecessary pockets that may cause inconveniences in the line up. 

Chiller Series: All purpose use. The Chiller features side hand pockets and a back sip pocket with a traditional boardshort tie for security.

Shorey Series: The ultimate kick back boardshort. Built with elastic waistband for comfort 

Boatman Series: The only boardshort to feature a lifetime guarantee. We built these boardshorts to be durable and stretchy so you can focus on the incoming sets. 

Nate Zoller in the Boatman 2.0 Boardshorts, 17"
Nate Zoller in the Boatman 2.0 Boardshorts, 17"​​

The Hybrid

Best of both worlds. 

Get the utility and look of a walkshort with the materials of a boardshort. 

The hybrid short features multiple front and back pockets normally found in walkshorts to make sure all your gear travels with you. 

Each of the hybrid shorts are purpose built with 4-way stretch fabrics that dry quick so you're ready for any adventure in and out of the water. 

Drew Smith in the Layover Trail, 18"
Drew Smith in the Layover Trail, 18"​​
Detail shot of the Explorer 2.0 Hybrid Short
Photo: Dylan Gordon​​