Men's-Journal-Cuba-Roark-RevivalSince the United States imposed its embargo in 1960 time has moved slow in the Caribbean nation of Cuba. In the three years since Roark’s sojourn to spread the seeds of revival in Volume 6: “Cuba Libre” in 2013, time has accelerated rapidly. This past March President Obama was the first sitting US president to visit its close neighbor since 1928. Obama and Cuban president Raul Castro bonded over both countries passion for baseball when the MLB Tampa Bay Rays played the Cuban National Team in Havana. A few days later, the Rolling Stones became the first international rock band to perform in Cuba, playing a free concert in front of over 100,000 people in the country that once banned the bands music. On Monday the first US cruise ship docked in Cuba in nearly 40 years.

Change, for better or worse, is happening quickly in Cuba and we suggest you get there soon before things change too much. Sure, the capitol of Havana will take the brunt of the storm but the island is 777 miles long with many undiscovered promising surf breaks which would be incredible to explore via motorcycle!