Inside the September issue of Bl!sss Magazine is a letter penned by Roark.


It’s time for a visit… saddle up and head north. You’ll find me in Big Sur. Bring a rain coat and some Bourbon, I’ll handle the rest.

The Sur itself is a vortex, one where all of nature collides – it’s the place where mountains come to spar with the ocea. And we… well we are all just lucky enough to be caught in the crossfire.

The pixies of this land, such as Jacqueline & Leona, play with these raw elements in a harmonious fashion that you and I could never understand.

They will decide when the time is right to escort you to the shapers cabin… and don’t be surprised if it is days that pass before this happens, for time is an absurdity when you’re on their watch.

See you soon, my brother… 

PS – The Pixies will be unclothed.