• 12/15/2022
  • WORDS BY Aaron Gomez
  • PHOTOS BY Drew Smith, Stephen Morissette, Andrew Durso

Adaptable to Your Journey

The Accomplice Series

A collection of bags designed to be durable and adaptable for any journey. We’ve consciously designed this collection to bring the functions of an adventure bag to your daily carry so that you’re always prepared for what lies ahead. Mix and match the bags with the modular attachments to customize your bag to fit your needs on the road ahead.

Mix & Match

Accomplice Mule 45L shown with Escape Mod 2L

Utilizing the daisy chain system, each bag can hold different mods to allow you to choose the mod to best suit your needs. All bags are built to withstand the elements and feature a hidden pocket for an Apple Airtag so you can always know where your gear is.

Waterproof 14L Shelter Mod

45L Mule with the 2L Escape