Roark’s trip to India was pretty insane. The culture is so exotic it’s hard to describe it. The colors, the smells, the textures are so intense. It takes a while to settle in, but once it does – the cadence is awesome. It keeps one motivated to unearth everything possible at the pace India allows. The man with indigo hands led us down a path unique to the garment making process, just outside of Madurai, India. We made a few indigo batiked pieces for our Spring and Summer 17 collection’s that were actually hand crafted in India. We brought some Stance socks along to apply the same traditional batik process to. Batiking really starts with this copper or wooden stamp called a Sap. From there, the maker applies a hot wax to the stamp and then begins to create a pattern on the sock. The wax acts of a layer of resistance to the Indigo dye that they’re dipped into. The wax coverage over the fibers allows the natural color of the sock to be retained and then the indigo dye remains. From there, the socks are soaked in boiling water; the process melts away the wax and leaves the pattern that was originally stamped. The result is a completely unique product every time, a perfect collaboration for Roark and Stance. You are cordially invited to the Roark X Stance Limited Edition Sock Release Party Saturday June 3rd, 2017 / 6-10pm at Said Space in Encinitas, Ca.