• 1/22/23
  • WORDS BY Aaron Gomez
  • PHOTOS BY Brinkley Davies

Brinkley Davies: Endangered Species Expedition

Expedition Union: We're sending 2 of you to Africa!

We are sending 2 Expedition Union Members on an all expenses paid 10 day adventure to the Limpopo Province, South Africa to work alongside with Brinkley Davies and wildlife experts to help conservation efforts with some of the planet's most exotic animals.

We will be choosing winner on March 31, 2023

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A message from Brinkley Davies

Adventurer. Surfer. Professional Freediver. Charity Founder. Marine Biologist. Roark Womens Ambassador.

"This trip will leave you with a driving passion to protect Africa's wildlife, the knowledge of the threats that they face and what we all can do to help."