Over the past 25 years, Jamie Thomas has emerged as one of the industry’s most industrious. His work filming and editing Toy Machine’s early videos paved the way for the epic rock operas he would produce with his company, Zero.

Now in its twenty-first year, Zero continues to be an influential force. The Chief’s gift for recognizing talent borders on the spiritual; future legends were cultivated within Black Box, and let loose with an uncommon work ethic, stamped with the Thomas seal of approval. The current Zero team—as diverse as past iterations, if not more—has the benefit of Thomas’s stunningly clear vision; they may not see the big picture the way he does, but they’re in good company.

The next Zero video project in the works is a little something called Damn It All. The similarity to Zero’s groundbreaking first video, Thrill of It All, may be coincidental but both videos share a certain tone. Thrill signaled the beginning of something new and exciting as Thomas set off on his own venture; Damn is the triumphant first video project since Zero’s departure from Dwindle. His circumstances may have changed but once again Thomas is rolling independently, and he won’t stop until he’s good and ready.

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