Revivalist Raph Bruhwiler is a Badass. The harsh demands of Vancouver Island, Canada dictate you have to be to live there. While living in Quebec, Raph’s parents bought property by letter in Tofino. Like early day settlers, they moved the family west without even really knowing what was in store for them. A love affair with the ocean was in store for Raph, learning to surf off Chesterman’s Beach at the age of eight while becoming one of Canada’s first professional surfers in the process. Raph’s love and knowledge for the ocean have served him well, landing him in the Canadian Coast Guard patrolling and protecting his home waters of Tofino. When not on duty Raph surfs, camps, hunts and makes DIY hot tubs in the forest not because it’s in fashion but out of necessity while passing on his skills to his kids so they can enjoy the same lifestyle his parents empowered him with.