One goal Roark had while visiting Vietnam, was to sort out the distortions of the Vietnam War. For most people today the reality of the war is compiled from news clips, movies and song – all painting a slightly different picture; Some born from war mongering commercialism, others from god honest protest.

One thing is for sure – war is a hot mess. And in Vietnam, people clearly see the difference between public opinion and politics. In Hanoi a woman was asked, “Why don’t Vietnamese people hold resentment and bitterness towards Americans?” She responded eloquently, “We are taught to be open and to embrace Western Ideas and people. We want to show them the beauty they tried to destroy.”

In the “Strange Daze in a Hanoi Haze” Collection we explore war and peace along with the absurdity in between. The N.O.Y.F.B Collection consists of Pullover Fleece, T-Shirt, Trucker Hat, Flask, Zippo Lighter and is a historical reference drawn from an interaction between Roark and the petty journalist he manipulates in Volume 10. “Fight war, wage peace.” – Roark