Still dripping of frozen sweat from the Fjordic Thunder Metal Fest in Isafjordur, Iceland, the Dead Mermaids arrived to the ancient, Juaneno Indian Cave in the hills of Laguna Beach. Under an orange moon, a sage haze and fifths of Brennivin, the DMs cracked skulls and drank blood ’til dawn. Portions of the above session can be seen in the DM’s video “My Fish.”

BL!SSS Magazine reviewed the Dead Mermaids debut 7″ EP in their November issue and here’s what they had to say. “Serious savage shred on this limited edition split seven-inch. The Dead Mermaids do some mean double-kick Viking-metal for side A. On secret side B it’s Coral Fangs ruling on some punk hammers. Coral Fangs is Johnny McCray, Greg Teal, and Andrew Atkinson…WHATTTT! Legends! If you know, then you know.” The Limited Edition Dead Mermaids Bundles are available here!