Agua Mala, means bad water in Spanish mainly because Aguamala is also the slang name for the Portuguese Man o’ War, a venomous jellyfish that inflicts a painful sting from its tentacles. Luckily there were no floating terror’s in the Mexican waters that Revivalist Nate Zoller visited on his last run south of the boarder!

“Mexico is a great place to be a surfer. If you want to search out a new wave the adventure is right in front of you, just pack the truck to the brim and head out. The further off the beaten path, the more miles pushing southbound, the more certainty there is that nobody else will find you. Generations of surfers have utilized this coastline for its solace and in 2016 so are we. After all the flat tires, federale checkpoints, warm Tecate’s and cactus riddled desert we found paradise; offshore for days and not another surfer the entire time. Pitch the tent, eat beans out of the can, surf all day and drink enough beer to fall asleep next to the fire. Society can wait, the swell will only last a few more days.” – Nate Zoller